Presentations and Training:

Recent Presentations and Training

The following is a list of training, education and workshops that we have developed for 2-hour, half day, full day or multiple day programs.  Most can be tailored to fit your organization at a cost savings to you.  Individualized programs can also be developed to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us for more info. Click on headings below for detailed program descriptions.

Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence
  • Solving the Recruitment Challenge
  • Beyond Diversity:  Moving from Unintended Intolerance to Inclusion
  • Institute for Ending Racism and Building Inclusive Communities
  • Get a Clue – Developing Culturally Relevant Skills
  • Unintended Intolerance
  • How Intercultural Development Can Enhance Your Effectiveness
  • Valuing Diversity
Leadership and Management

  • Rebuilding Trust:  Creating a Culture of Candor
  • Leadership - Aligning Values and Behaviors
  • Courageous Leadership and Core Values
  • Changing Organizational Culture: What Works, What Doesn’t Work
  • Who are You and What’s Your Purpose
  • Making Managers into Leaders
  • Developing World Class Teams
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Words Create Reality – Use Them Wisely
  • Power Communication Skills
  • Tact, Diplomacy, and Confidentiality
Executive Skills Series 16-hour Programs in
  • Leading Diverse Communities Beyond Conflict
  • Managing and Leading Change

Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence
  • Solving the Recruitment Challenge - Recruitment continues to be a challenge for most many organizations seeking to reflect the diversity of their customers. This 2-4 hour workshop will provide practical methods for recruiting from and developing sustainable relationships with the African American, Asian American and Hispanic communities in your area, as well as with Women’s groups.
  • Beyond Diversity:  Moving from Unintended Intolerance to Inclusion - This full-day session opens the door to conversations about how an organization or individual may be unaware of discriminatory language, practices or programs as well as how branding and interpersonal styles can affect our perceptions.  Participants will explore how stereotypes and misinformation can lead to lower profits in private sector and decreased personnel safety in public sector emergency services. Workshop participants will learn techniques for moving from these misperceptions to building a truly inclusive work group and the benefits it brings to organizational and personal effectiveness.  In addition, techniques for resolving conflicts related to diversity issues and how to build bridges with different groups will be addressed. top
  • “Institute for Ending Racism and Building Inclusive Communities” This 2-day program can be a transforming experience that challenges participants to become positive agents of change and intentional allies in the work of building inclusive, anti-racist organizations and communities. The program explores the history of racism in America and how it impacts our society and organizations today.  It provides opportunities to unearth unintended intolerance and organizational or community practices that perpetuate biases, prejudices and stereotypes. The focus of ally and relationship building across racial, gender and cultural gaps will help participants develop a foundation for long-term solutions to racial justice, rather than short-term, short-lived diversity initiatives that fail to address deep seated prejudices in organizational systems. The purpose of the program is to provide an experience where participants understand how racism, sexism, as well as other isms have been institutionalized in organizational practices such as recruitment, hiring, promotions, etc.
  • Get a Clue – Developing Culturally Relevant Skills. 2-8 hour program. As the diversity of our community increases, so do the challenges of providing services.  Multiple languages, cultural customs, religious traditions and generational differences present new and unique challenges to the community. In order to effectively serve clients, it is important to relate effectively to the cultural values and behaviors of diverse groups. This workshop explores assumptions that can lead to misunderstandings for different ages, genders, religions and ethnic groups. Depending on the time available, in depth information and handouts (1 per ethnic group) can be presented on one or more of the following groups:  African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Muslims, Seniors, Special Needs (Disabled), and the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT) community. top
  • Unintended Intolerance – 2-4-hour program that opens the door to conversations about how an organization or an individual may be unaware of discriminatory language, practices, and/or programs.
  • How Intercultural Development Can Enhance Your Effectiveness.  This workshop session will open the door to conversations about how organizations or individuals may be unaware of discriminatory language, practices, and/or programs that can have a negative impact on business growth and employee satisfaction.  Methods for assessing and improving individual and organizational capacity for intercultural development will also be presented.
  • Valuing Diversity – 6-8 hour program that celebrates the diversity of the group, identifies the unique contributions of different groups as well as how stereotypes and misinformation develop, explores techniques for resolving conflicts related to diversity issues and building bridges with different groups. top
Leadership and Management
  • Rebuilding Trust:  Creating a Culture of Candor - Rebuilding public trust and trust within institutions is essential for success, yet organizations can’t be honest with the public if they are not first honest with each other. The relationship between organizational candor and performance is complex and is affected by the ability of people to have open honest conversations in the workplace, whether teams can openly challenge assumptions and if boards and trustees effectively communicate important issues to company leaders. Top leaders encourage and reward openness and dissent.  Attend this workshop for working examples of organizations that have built trust, mastered organizational transparency and take home tips for incorporating these practices into your own organization. top
  • Leadership - Aligning Values and Behaviors: 2-3 Hour workshop. Insuring that your organization truly reflects the values of integrity, respect, customer service, and excellence is one of the most significant leadership challenges that managers and leaders face. In many cases, culture change may be necessary in order to align daily practices with organizational values. If integrity and respect are core values, but daily action or behaviors violate human relations policies, what do you do? This workshop will present proven practices that have sustained systemic culture change in numerous organizations of various sizes.
  • Courageous Leadership and Core Values:  16-hr program using leadership as the vehicle to discuss organizational culture, core values, and how this impacts decision-making, problem-solving inclusiveness, and group dynamics.  Includes leadership theories, case studies (current issues or hypothetical), and tools to utilize in addressing problems and challenges.
  • Changing Organizational Culture: What Works, What Doesn’t Work (2-Hr).  The world and workplace are changing and many organizational cultures do not have the flexibility to adapt to their changing environment.  Understanding and addressing the many organizational systems that are in play is crucial to the success of culture change initiatives.  This workshop will present a few proven practices that have engineered and sustained systemic culture change, as well as common mistakes that prevent sustainability. top
  • Who are You and What’s Your Purpose (2-Hr). Not understanding the difference between the roles you play and who you actually are, is the cause of many unresolved or recurring conflicts in the workplace and at home.  This program will introduce you to techniques for staying anchored, so that you can effectively engage in conflict situations without taking them personally.  It will also help you begin to articulate your personal mission (purpose) and core values in a way that helps develop alignment and continuity between your personal and professional life.  While these are essential leadership skills, they are also essential life skills.  Please join us for a morning of personal and professional self-discovery.
  • Making Managers into Leaders:  6-hour program highlighting the importance of leadership skills at all levels of the organization.  The course explores understanding the difference between management and leadership, techniques for facilitating leadership at all levels of the organization, communication techniques and processes for identifying solutions to adaptive challenges versus technical challenges, and understanding organizational culture.
  • Developing World Class Teams requires a level of authentic communication, trust and commitment that require intentional efforts to develop. This 8 hr program will provide tools to begin and continue the journey to building a world-class team. top
  • Interpersonal Communication:  2-8 hour program for developing and/or refining effective communication techniques and processes that allow for open, honest dialogues.
  • Conflict Resolution:  2-hour program that uses the art of effective questioning to uncover root causes of conflict so that they can be understood and addressed and includes a fun, value-based conflict exercise.  The workshop focuses on the importance of seeking first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Words Create Reality – Use Them Wisely:  2-hour program that explores the use of language in creating and transforming organizational culture.
  • Power Communication Skills: – 2-hour workshop explores male/female communication style differences and provides techniques for enhancing cross-gender communications.
  • Tact, Diplomacy, and Confidentiality – this program addresses the importance of professionalism in the workplace and provides effective communication strategies for dealing with challenging situations. top

Executive Skill Series 16-hour Programs in:

  • Leading Diverse Communities Beyond Conflict - This 2-day program will provide senior executives in organizations with information, perspectives, and tools for taking action to harmonize the diversities within their work and stakeholder communities. The course will be a springboard for forming and launching plans of action. It will break new ground in addressing organizational culture and challenges. Finally, the course will help participants mobilize support and identify resources for making a difference. The course is intended to be a "launch pad" for action projects.
  • Managing and Leading Change - In this 2-day course, students will be introduced to a four-step model for managing change effectively. These activities include analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The same model will be used to examine the executive role of leading change. A variety of activities and simulations will apply theories to contemporary issues that executive officers experience daily. top